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long time no see lol :P

I still have exams, only 3 left though. One is today and it'll be boring D: Anyway, to my great surprise I'm doing pretty well in this one examination session. A lot better than in previous ones. Well, maybe it's because I don't spend so much time on teh intrawebs but finally I started to study? Must be it :P
Plus I'm just having a really great time even though I'm still not talking to this fucking retard called my father. I got used to this situation and I'm fine with it. What's more it makes me kinda amused when I see how angry he gets when I'm simply ignoring his person. I'm a bitch, I know. But he deserves it more than anyone else.

It's been already 6 months since Łukasz's death. I was so depressed on Sunday, I took his photo and cried for almost whole day :( But now I'm over it. It's still so painful for me, but I told myself I can't just go down and cry. I have to be a strong woman like he always wanted me to be :) I think he'd be kinda proud seeing who I am now.

Oh, I started reading D. Gray-Man. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT KIN! XD I love it <3333 I'm not obsessed with Tyki like everyone though

Read DGM people! :D